Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great resons to work on Cruis e ships

FREE excursions that passengers pay hundreds of dollars to do!
Including; helicopter rides over Alaskan glaciers, Swimming with dolphins, whale watching, rain forest & island safaris, hovercraft rides over the Everglades, exploring ancient and modern cities, party & drinking cruises, free passes to top tourist attractions, elephant safari rides and much, much more!

Party life! Cabin parties, deck parties, beach parties, crew-bar parties often with free food and drink. This is where the REAL fun happens!

Cheap drinks for crew members (as low as $1 for a cocktail!)

Your own "crew bar". The best bar on the ship where you’ll meet and make many great friends.

Zero expenses. Food, cabin, drinks are all included...even toilet paper and soap! You’ll be able to save so much money or blow it all and life the life you’ve always wanted!

Free gym, pool, sauna, jacuzzi!
the superb sports facilities which can be available to crew (volleyball, basketball, racquetball, outdoor and indoor pools and jogging track!)

FREE / Discounted cruises for family and friends to come out and visit you.


David J. Hahn said...

Hi - this is quite an extensive, well-put-together blog. I hope you have a lot of people reading it. I run a website about working as a cruise ship musician. Maybe we can guest blog or work together on something in the future.

I hope it's ok to put the link here. Feel free to take it out if not. Thanks again for writing.


Anonymous said...

A cruise ship job is really one of the best job there is. I like it cause you are not just paid with good money, you are also given the opportunity to see the world.

allan said...

Hi all my nam,e is allan ive been doing hairdressing for 20 years now and would love to work on bord a ship please can antone tell me how to go about doing so
maney thanks allan

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TheTravelAngel said...

Yes, indeed. Cruise ship jobs are the best.. aside from the fact that you get high paid, you were able to explore and tour around the world..and be able to meet other great people as well.


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Unknown said...

Nowadays, cruise ship jobs are totally the best. It is quite well-paid compared to the other industry. That's why most of our teens now dreaming that someday they could possibly work on a ship.