Thursday, June 12, 2008


Many people dream of travelling the world and working on board a cruise ship not only allows you to fulfill your dream but to get paid for it too.

However, is it to good to be true?

Here on our aim is to give you honest advice and information from crew, both past and present across the board. You'll find posts from casino staff - waiters - officers....and more. These posts are from my friends, friends of friends and others who have just stumbled across this post and wanted to contribute.

You'll be able to build up a picture of what your daily routine will involve , the places you'll get to visit and which ship would be best for you. Some ships are dry, which means no alcohol for crew, some do not allow smokers, some ships give extra duties and some are well known as party ships!

Be sure to check back soon as shipmates is growing all the time.

There will also be a forum coming soon.

If you have any questions then please post them too.


Unknown said...


I am spreading word about my new book about my life working on a cruise ship. Permanent Passenger: My Life on a Cruise Ship chronicles my wacky job search to get my dream job as Assistant Cruise Director and takes you behind the scenes on a cruise ship. Go to to see more about the book.

Truly a very funny insightful book that will make you laugh – cry – and throw up just a bit.

Micha Berman

woody said...

my name is sheryl im doing hairdressing in college im a level 2 at the moment and i was wondering what i what need 2 be qualified to work as a hairdresser on a cruise ship? thanks sheryl x