Thursday, June 12, 2008

A few questions that you commonly hear from pasengers when working onboard. (Honest)

What time is the midnight buffet?

Does this elevator take me to the back of the ship?

Does this elevator go to deck 4?

Do the crew sleep on board?

Will we see dolphins in the morning?

Can we look at the anchor? (When anchored!)

Do the lifeboats really float?

Can you move the lifeboat from our stateroom window?!

Has this ship ever sunk before? (Hmm!)

(On formal night at Captain's Cocktail) Who's driving the boat?

Why are we not docked (urhhh... because there's no pier??!!!)

What do I do with my life jacket after boat drill?? (Hmmm... lemme think...)

Do these stairs go up?

Is the water in the toilet salt water or fresh water? (Why dont you taste it!)

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Anonymous said...

lol. those are rather funny questions to be asked but I think I would be asking some stuff like that if I am on board... lol. well, isn't it great that there are a lot of people who have cruise ship jobs that makes a cruising experience very luxurious and comfortable.